A Foreign Investor’s Guide to Kosovo

The second edition of the “A Foreign Investor’s Guide to Kosovo”, which to helps to find out more about why one should choose to invest in Kosovo. The guide covers the legal and regulatory environment that investors will face when investing in Kosovo.


Kosovo is the youngest European country, in every meaning of the phrase: With over 70% of its population under the age of 35, it has the demographic make-up that every country dreams of. It is a vibrant place, full of young people who have been educated in a Western spirit and who speak foreign languages and can adapt quickly. As a state that declared independence rather recently, in 2008, there are still many untapped opportunities to do business. With the fastest economic growth rate in the Western Balkans, Kosovo is becoming increasingly attractive to foreign investors. Many companies looking for potential suppliers or to move manufacturing closer to EU member states have turned to the Western Balkans. This is Kosovo’s golden opportunity – because we are competitive! Through the Stabilization and Association Agreement, Kosovo offers free access to the EU market, and low labor costs in comparison to Central and Eastern Europe, but also compared with neighboring countries, owing to a young population. 28.2% of the population speaks one foreign language and 15.9% more than one foreign language. Kosovo offers German quality at Chinese prices! In addition to the potential to become a supplier for small and medium enterprises, Kosovo has an advantage which is needed now more than ever: a strong ICT and start-up community. As a “StartUp Nation” Kosovo has much to offer in innovative solutions, products and services, including 3D printing. Digitalization is the future and everyone is pursuing it: companies and corporations, but also public institutions – Kosovo is in lockstep with these developments and offers many opportunities for nearshoring and outsourcing. To attract foreign investment, Kosovo has established a legal framework that guarantees foreign investors the right of incorporation and national treatment in almost any sector of the economy, providing attractive incentives for foreign companies in the country. Kosovo has a great geostrategic position, an economy with competitive costs and low tax rates, a young workforce boasting constantly growing new skills, and a commitment to global trade integration. Kosovo offers tax-free access to the EU market, the CEFTA region and the Turkish market, as provided by the trade agreements it has concluded. We have put together this guide to help you find out more about why you should choose to invest in Kosovo. The guide covers the legal and regulatory environment that investors will face when investing in Kosovo. Of course, every investment decision is different, and the applicable national laws and regulations are constantly evolving with the aim of improving the overall environment of doing business, in conformity with EU legislation. This guide is therefore intended to provide a comprehensive summary of the issues, and is not necessarily a legal opinion, applicable to all investments. Kosovo has established an institutional framework that will guide investors at every stage of their investment process by facilitating access to all required information and helping overcome any administrative barriers that may be encountered.

Source: https://www.kas.de/en/web/kosovo/single-title/-/content/a-foreign-investor-s-guide-to-kosovo

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