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Join us in the mission of building a powerful network among founders, entrepreneurs, young talents and investors.


The up-going road to innovative & proficient startups.

StartUp Kosovo is precisely the source of support and guidance that a planned but not launched business idea needs. Be a part of the great all-encompassing ecosystem of new beginnings!

What Startup Kosovo provides for you.

Expose yourself to better work, invest in knowledge and find out about the latest developments on startups.

Why Kosovo?

Kosovo is full of opportunities and the perfect place to launch a startup. Click here to find out more information on this topic.


The participants of the ecosystem keep the circle of cooperation going, therefore, lifting Startup Kosovo up.


Get informed about the latest and most interesting events happening within the startup ecosystem.

News & Opinions

Engage in opinionating and make sure you have what you need to stay informed of news.

Policies & Regulations

Learn about startup-friendly regulatory policies which have great significance in all establishments and environments.


Chances to help protect and raise up your startup game and everything that comes with it!


Organized information in ‘a silver platter’ full of answers and questions that interest you the most.

Take part in the current and up-coming events.

Connect with people who have the same interests as you, find potential future-partners and make yourself familiar with the startup ecosystem.

An ever-improving ecosystem

Where people work together to foster innovation in the local community and improve their entrepreneurial and working skills.

Let's get started.

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