GoBeyond – founded by a German couple, joins ICK’s Business Incubator

GoBeyond joins ICK’s business incubator! Founded by a German couple (Klapp family), GoBeyond has build a research & center for sustainable production of high quality insect protein, for farm animals and pets. Welcome aboard!

GoBeyond was started with a vision to create a sustainable product to serve Kosovo and the WesternBalkans, founded by a German couple, now living and working in Kosovo. GoBeyond has built a research center for sustainable production of high quality insect protein in Kosovo.

In November 2020, GoBeyond started to work on insect protein as a new agricultural branch forthe region and tackling the protein dilemma. Insect proteins are ideal as feed for farm animals and pets, but also as food. Now, GoBeyond has started an insect farm laboratory in an industrial space in Laplje Selo, producing 100% organic & zero-waist insect protein with a special focus on remaining a climate friendly production.

GoBeyond aims to fit in and contribute to the goals of the Green-Deal of the European Union as part ofa growing organic sector with sustainable food and feed systems in the region. Insect farming is a sustainable alternative to conventional protein production, as it is a zero-waste concept, and significantly reduces CO2 emissions, water consumption and land use.

Source: https://ickosovo.com/news/post/gobeyond-founded-by-a-german-couple-joins-icks-business-incubator

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